Why Do The Fixed Hotel Bedroom Furniture Be Handed Over To The Furniture Company?

With the continuous development of the economy and society, the home improvement industry is undergoing rapid changes. The traditionally furnished and furnished model can no longer meet the needs of high-end places such as hotels and villas. The overall solution for fixed furniture is more Luxury hotels and villas are favored and become new trends and trends.

The so-called fixed furniture is the hotel, the villa, in addition to the movable furniture, all the wood and the furniture closely attached to the main body of the building, more typical rooms have wooden doors, closets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, siding, background Wall, small bar, etc.

1) Usually, hotel and villa customers will cover the fixed furniture into the interior decoration, and the decoration company will make the site and “fix” the fixed furniture on site. As a result, these fixed furniture are fixed, but they cannot be disassembled and replaced, nor can they guarantee quality and increase customer troubles.

2) The decoration company's on-site production does not have the production conditions at all, and it cannot guarantee the tight proportion of the size, and it can't reach the dust of the paint, and it can't be disassembled. It is made by the furniture factory and is produced on-site by the decoration company. It has great advantages and benefits.

3) The factory dispatches a special person to approve the design size on site, and after installation, it is installed on site and tightly combined with the main body of the building, which is more durable than the movable furniture.

4) The factory can make the appearance style of the fixed furniture consistent with the overall decoration style, and can change the specifications and style according to the specific needs.