The Difference Between Hotel Bedroom Furniture And Civil Furniture Maintenance

Hotel bedroom furniture is difficult to maintain relative to civilian furniture. Civil furniture owners prefer their own property. They are more careful to use and can wax the furniture at intervals. However, the cleaning of the bedroom furniture is large, and the furniture of the solid wood hotel is often waxed. It is difficult, and if the furniture is not cleaned before waxing, the waxing will make the furniture surface blur and the definition is reduced. Once the wax is damaged, the furniture is difficult to repair, and it is difficult to absorb and paint. Therefore, it is new. Try not to wax the hotel bedroom furniture. Zhengmei Hotel bedroom furniture is made of solid wood solid wood, no paint process, after special waterproof treatment, its furniture is fireproof, wear-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof, no need to wax, easy to maintain. Solid wood hotel bedroom furniture We recommend cleaning and cleaning as follows. Prepare two rags, one for dry rag and the other for wet and dry rag. (Note: The rag should not be too wet. It is recommended to use a dry and damp cloth that has been dehydrated after washing. Use a cotton cloth or a silky towel for the rag cloth).

When cleaning, first wipe off the dust with a dry rag. If there are stains, wipe it with a dry damp cloth. If it is not cleaned, use a water-soluble detergent to clean it. The furniture of the solid wood hotel bedroom has been used for a long time. If there is any loss of light, you can consider waxing: first wipe it with a dry cloth of cotton and linen material, and then clean the furniture surface to wax the furniture, otherwise the dust will cause wax spots. Produces scratches. Generally, wax and water wax can be used, but car wax can not be used. When waxing, it should be from point to surface, from shallow to deep, gradually deepen, and should be wiped more and polished. The bedroom furniture of Zhengmei Plate Hotel needs to be cleaned with clean cotton and linen cloth. For difficult to clean, wipe it with a damp towel with a little detergent, then dry it with a dry towel.