Introducing The Material Of Solid Wood Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Solid wood furniture The hotel bedroom furniture made of natural wood, such furniture can usually see the beautiful pattern of wood. For the custom-designed bedroom function of hotel bedroom furniture for solid wood furniture, furniture manufacturers usually pay attention to the varnish or matt lacquer to express the natural color of the wood. However, what is the specific expression of the solid wood hotel bedroom home?

The solid wood hotel bedroom furniture is essentially made of pure solid wood furniture. It means that the furniture is made of solid wood, including the table side, the board surface, the door panel of the wardrobe, etc. It can be made of pure solid wood. It does not use other kinds of wood-based panels, which reflects the pure wood furniture compared with the craft and material. high expectation.

The requirements for finger jointing, seaming, material selection and drying of solid wood are very strict. According to the characteristics of the solid wood dining table and chair, if the process is not strict enough, the small aspect is prone to loosening and cracking of the joint. On the big side, the whole set of hotel bedroom furniture begins to deform, which makes it impossible to continue to use.

The other is imitation solid wood furniture. The so-called imitation solid wood furniture, from the appearance of solid wood furniture, the wood feel and color, natural texture and solid wood furniture are the same, but the essence is the combination of solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, side planks, shelves, tops and other components with thin wood Veneered MDF or particleboard, doors and drawers mostly use solid wood as the main furniture material.