How To Properly Design, Customize And Purchase Hotel Furniture?

How to design hotel furniture, how to find a factory, where should I buy hotel furniture?

The most important decoration of the hotel is the hotel furniture. Hotel furniture is the most important part of the hotel's soft decoration. Only the indoor furniture needed for the hotel can be arranged to create a warm atmosphere, so that the guests can feel the warmth and comfort of the home.

Here are some questions about hotel furniture and interior design:

1. The bed in the hotel furniture should be at least 20cm away from the wall of the bathroom, which is conducive to the hotel staff to clean the service space.

2. Bedside lamps should be carefully selected, do not have glare, and must be durable.

3. The corners of the guest room furniture is preferably obtuse or rounded, so that it will not hurt the young and small guests.

4. The carpet of the room should be durable, anti-fouling, fireproof, color should try not to use light or solid color. Many business hotel rooms now also use composite wood flooring, which is both hygienic and comfortable.

5. The layout of the Internet access line in the room should be considered thoughtful, the location of the socket should not be too far from the desk, the line will be too messy.

6. Hotel room furniture should also have wear resistance, scratch resistance, easy maintenance and other performance.

7. The design of the baggage table should also be taken seriously. If the structure of wood and soft bag is adopted, the soft bag part can preferably be turned from the plane to the facade, and has a thickness of about 50 cm to prevent the collision of the trunk. It is also possible to use an active luggage rack, but the wall should be designed for collision avoidance, and panel furniture can be used for wear and scratch resistance.

8. The hotel bed should be at least 60 cm away from the TV, as a room access, easy for guests activities.