How To Choose Different Materials For Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Hotel bedroom furniture is both a material product and an artistic creation, which is what people often say about the dual characteristics of furniture. The type, quantity, function, form, style and production level of the furniture and the possession at that time also reflect the social lifestyle of a country and region in a certain historical period, the level of social material civilization and the characteristics of history and culture.

How to choose furniture of different materials?

The selection of steel and wood furniture. When selecting, graded steel-wood furniture should be made of good materials, such as copper-aluminum alloy, or imported steel plates, iron plates and other high-quality plates. Using bronzing, electroplating and other processes. Fine processing, no scratches, pits, no surface peeling, cracks, no corners, scratches, no electroplating, uniform treatment, natural and so on.

The choice of panel furniture. It is difficult to distinguish whether the panel furniture is made of paper veneer or wood veneer. The easy way is to observe the pattern, the wood veneer has natural thrift, chromatic aberration and texture changes. The edge of the panel furniture is important. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the edge-sealing material, and pay attention to whether the edge-sealing is uneven or lifted. It should be noted that although it is a six-sided edge seal, although a formaldehyde-free adhesive is used, the artificial board has more or less volatile gas during the production process, and the sealing is strict, which is of course beneficial to the environmental protection of the living room. .

Second, we must also look at the firmness of the furniture structure. First, the gap between the door and the drawer of the furniture. If the gap is large, it means that the work is rough, and the time will be deformed. Second, it is a single box or a double box. Usually, in addition to the outer layer, the furniture is also inside. There should be a layer of panels. This is called a double box. The furniture in the double box is both beautiful and strong.