Hotel Bedroom Furniture Purchase Strategy

With the development of the hotel furniture industry, more and more innovative and diverse hotel furniture is reflected in the eyes of hotel investors. Regardless of how the hotel's engineering furniture changes, the choice of the four major pieces in the hotel room has its own gold rule!

Hotel bedside table

Hotel room bedside tables should be neat and practical, not only can be placed table lamps, fixed telephones, hotel signs or small crafts, but also allows guests to easily pick up any items they need on the bed.

In terms of materials, solid wood is stronger than the plate. In addition, check that the drawer and handle are smooth and easy to use.

Hotel bedside table gold medal law: The cleaning staff should keep the surface of the bedside table clean every day, so that the furniture can be durable and improve the guest's stay experience.

Hotel room desk, dressing table

There is no doubt about the function of the hotel desk, it is definitely the most chaotic corner of the hotel room. The solution is to have it with more drawers.

When ordering a custom-made desk, it is necessary to match the corresponding style of writing chair. This is the best way to ensure that the height of the chair matches the writing desk. Otherwise, it will bring great inconvenience to the guest.

The writing desk should be designed to be easy to clean, and if there is liquid splashing on the table, it will not cause damage.

The drawers under the countertop should be arranged reasonably, leaving enough space for the user's legs. This pre-design should be customized to the regular size.

Hotel table gold medal law: You can design some suitable size storage boxes in the drawer of the desk, so that hotel supplies are classified, no longer messy.

Hotel wardrobe

The well-designed, well-made hotel room wardrobe will allow you to see the items stored in the hotel at a glance. Such a hotel wardrobe, the practical performance is better.

The wardrobe of the hotel room should be high enough to allow the guest's clothes to stretch when they are hung up. The height is generally 2.4 meters.

The hanging rods and partitions in the closet should be reasonably distinguished. Where to hang clothes and where to place hotel appliances, you can arrange them flexibly according to your needs.

Hotel wardrobe gold medal law: hotel wardrobe needs to be customized according to the site size, according to the actual situation of the hotel site, rational design, deepen the design drawings, strictly in accordance with the drawings production and installation