Analyze The Core Elements Of Hotel Bedroom Furniture Customization

The core part of the hotel bedroom furniture customization is the deepening of the drawings. It is possible to produce furniture with a reasonable structure and reasonable proportions when the drawings are deepened. Because the customization of hotel bedroom furniture or other engineering furniture has such characteristics: diverse styles, more or less quantities, complex materials, diverse processes and limited field conditions lead to special installation requirements. A lot of time, a hotel bedroom furniture worth 5 million engineering, may involve thousands of categories of furniture, dozens of wood, board and fabric. If the drawings are not deepened or the statistics are not appropriate, it will bring a lot of problems to the hotel or the completion of the project.

For example, if the proportion of hotel bedroom furniture is not properly decomposed, it will not meet the designer's design philosophy and requirements; the statistics are not in place, resulting in chaos on the scene. If the number is small, it will not be enough. If there are more, there will be no place to put it; if the materials are wrong or match If the mistake is made, the effect will not be in place, or the rework will cause huge economic losses.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom core elements

The drawings are deepened in three-level audits, the designers self-inspect, the technical quality directors review, and the project manager approves to reach the production workshop.

Each project forms a corresponding folder, and manages the furniture and on-site drawings of each project in a unified manner, and issues, changes, and archives one by one to achieve special person record management.

Before each piece of furniture is produced, the design department shall print one-to-one proofing drawings, and the business and design shall jointly provide the production department with the requirements for drawing drawings and materials.

Each project will automatically form a project team, from documentary, production, inspection to documentation, to facilitate information feedback and sudden quality event processing.

After the completion of the project, the project team must meet to review the production process, and the communication process and furniture quality issues, and implement continuous quality improvement.