Why should hotel furniture be colored?

Hotel furniture prepares the wood, which is time consuming and labor intensive, but it is the key to the success of the renovation work. Brushing the finish is just a preparation for coloring. Perhaps, you spend more time on this step than in other hotel furniture renovation stages, but the end result will tell you that it is worth it.

Coloring wooden hotel furniture is a big project, and it can be ruined by a little carelessness. I hope this article can give you a reassurance. In the following sections, Senyuan Xiaobian will guide you through the entire process of coloring – bleaching, sanding, coloring and backing. Let's start with some questions you need to figure out before coloring.

After peeling off the paint, inspect the hotel furniture for surface and structural problems - such as burn marks, stains, cracks or loose plywood. Second, check the wood itself. What kind of wood is it? Is its texture tight or loose? Preparation depends on the material of the wood – loosely textured wood often requires some fillers; some woods require special handling. Is this hotel furniture made of a variety of woods? If so, then the less conspicuous wood must be bleached or coloured (usually cheaper) to match the surface of the body.