The decorative surface of the hotel bedroom can also be seen

The first-time hotel owner can easily distinguish between the view and the smell of the hotel bedroom furniture. “The choice of environmentally friendly hotel bedroom furniture, the most important thing is to look at the board. Because the environmental performance of the hotel bedroom furniture is mainly reflected on the board, the formaldehyde content of the good board is particularly low.” “From the existing standards, the E2 level meets the domestic standards. The E1 level is in line with European standards. If there is an investment fund budget, it is recommended that the hotel owner choose the E1 level, and the environmental performance will be better."

In addition to looking at the standard, it can be seen from the veneer that the furniture of the hotel bedroom is good or bad. “Comparative companies generally use sheet finishes that are more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant without fading. The poor finishes are not wear-resistant enough, and the second is gradually faded after three to six months, producing a yellowing effect. "In addition, consumers choose environmentally friendly hotel bedroom furniture, but also need to carefully look at the production process, including the edge sealing, the structure of the furniture is reasonable and the durability factor of the use of hardware (hardware decoration renderings) and other factors." The problem depends on the cross section of the furniture sheet of the hotel bedroom. The surface is not equal to the inside. The truly environmentally friendly sheet is made of fresh wood, so the white fresh substrate can be seen after cutting, and the particles are relatively large.

In addition to looking at the standards, hotel owners can also work hard. “In general, environmentally friendly hotel bedroom furniture has no irritating taste and will not irritate the eyes, nose and throat.” “The smell is mainly due to the amount of formaldehyde released. The lower the formaldehyde content of environmentally friendly panel furniture, the better. So, It is recommended that consumers should also look at the certificate presented by the hotel bedroom furniture manufacturer and see the formaldehyde content promised by the manufacturer.” After all the hard indicators are qualified, the hotel owner can choose the color according to the design of the hotel. Make a selection.