Star hotel furniture custom inspection should pay more attention

Nowadays, in order to cater to customers' styles and hobbies, many star-rated hotels will deliberately work hard on hotel furniture. They all like to customize hotel furniture to make the rooms more comfortable and beautiful. But when the custom furniture received, does the furniture have shrinkage? Therefore, we must pay more attention to the acceptance!

First of all, the inspection of the appearance is the most direct. See if the paint film on the surface is smooth enough. If there are falling and bubbles, then it is a secondary product. Also check to see if there is a color difference, whether the surface pattern is chaotic or inconsistent. There is also the roughening of the edge of the component.

The second is to check whether the structure of the furniture is firm and reasonable. If you find that you will make a creaking sound, or sit up and shake it, it means that the structure of the furniture is not strong enough, and you should pay attention to the verticality and warpage of the furniture.

The third is to check whether the process is exquisite and reasonable. Is the handwork of the stitching of the furniture tight and consolidating, if there is a situation where the gap is too large and loose, then the handwork of the furniture is rough. Also look at the position of the handle is correct, there is no loosening, some of the furniture in the pumping, the cabinet door is flexible and the correct return.

The fourth type is the size of the size, whether it is strictly in accordance with the requirements of hotel furniture. Because the star hotel furniture needs to be practical in addition to being aesthetic, it can meet the needs of customers, but also meet the location and size of the room. Therefore, the size inspection of hotel furniture also needs to be strict.