Post-modern style hotel bedroom furniture advocates new and old fusion

Post-modern style hotel bedroom furniture, advocating an old-fashioned, inclusive eclectic stance. Postmodernism design does not simply restore historical style, but instead looks into the vast historical buildings abandoned by the modernist movement, acknowledging the continuity of history, purposefully and consciously selecting representative buildings in classical architecture. The meaning of the thing, the historical style is mixed, spliced, separated, simplified, deformed, deconstructed, integrated and other methods, using new materials, new construction methods and structural construction methods to create a new formal language and design concept .

The shape is based on a rectangular frame. For example, the Carlson Hotel bedroom furniture post-modern series emphasizes sturdy luxury, simple and clear, thick and generous, exudes a unique male charm. The corners of the panel are cleverly used in elliptical processing, using a large number of exquisite and elegant arc design, rhythmic beauty, gentle and excellent. A forward-looking, eclectic design concept that caters to the aesthetic taste of the newcomers.

Emphasis on the metaphor of form, symbol and culture, and historical decorativeism. The postmodernist design uses a number of metaphorical visual symbols in the works, emphasizing the historical and cultural nature, affirming the symbolic effect of decoration on the visual, the decoration has returned to the design, and the decorative consciousness and technique have a new development. The transparent space formed by light, shadow and building components has become an important means of large decoration. The decorative design of the post-modern design movement is a variety of styles of post-modern furniture. The fusion provides a diverse environment, allowing different styles to coexist, and this sharing relationship is close to the meaning and habits of the occupants.