Internet promotes the development of hotel bedroom furniture industry

The hotel bedroom furniture manufacturing industry is extremely fragmented, the industry leader market share is less than 1%, the brand is weak, and the channel vendors are in a strong position. With the changes of mainstream consumer groups and the deepening of Internet technology, the Internetization of hotel bedroom furniture sales channels is an inevitable trend. The future hotel bedroom furniture sales channels will be deeply integrated online and offline.

Due to the inherent characteristics of hotel bedroom furniture sales, offline stores are still the most important channel for the sale of hotel bedroom furniture. Large-scale hotel bedroom furniture companies rely on long-term cooperation with design companies, decoration companies and real estate developers to occupy channel barriers, hotel bedroom furniture The rise of new channels such as e-commerce and the Internet is a potential power to change the intrinsic business model of hotel bedroom furniture.

The successful hotel bedroom furniture store, sales lifestyle, perfect after-sales service and extension to the Internet line is its development direction. The offline channel has undergone a shift from a decentralized, single-store operation to a large-scale furniture store and an independent flagship store. Furniture store stores mainly have the advantage of people flow, but the rent is more expensive, the independent store is the opposite, and it is easy to open a big store, and has strong control over the channel.

In the furniture store, the dealership model represented by Jia Debao is not well-run in China. The self-owned brand direct store represented by IKEA and the furniture mall represented by Red Star Macalline are operating well. The high-quality lifestyle shopping experience, the rich product categories in the store, the commitment to perfect after-sales distribution and installation services, and the attempt to extend to the line are common to IKEA and Red Star Macalline.