How to prevent moisture in hotel furniture?

The autumn and winter winds are high and the air is dry, and the furniture should also be protected against dryness and cracking. Among them, Guangdong returns to the south every spring, and the weather is so damp. Many furniture are affected by mold and moisture, especially for the hotels in operation. How the furniture of the hotel directly affects the customer satisfaction with the hotel. So, in the spring and summer season, how should hotel furniture be protected from moisture?

Different materials of furniture are not the same way to protect the moisture. For example, if the hotel furniture is leather furniture. It is necessary to pre-coat the wallet maintenance oil, and before the wet weather, apply a protective layer to the furniture to protect the original color of the furniture. However, if there is moldy mildew and mildew, you should first clean it with a mildew remover and then apply leather maintenance oil.

If the hotel furniture is solid wood furniture, the moisture situation may not be too serious, but it can not be ignored. You can put a bamboo charcoal moisture-proof bag desiccant and so on. It can also be waxed and waxed furniture regularly, especially when the weather is hot in summer, it is better to be placed under the sun for a long time, otherwise it will crack or deform. However, if the furniture is damp, it should be ventilated to keep the air dry. Use a clean soft rag to remove the water from the furniture surface and remove the mold with detergent.

In addition, hotel furniture will choose fabric furniture, its style is fashionable and casual, and it is more popular. However, if you are fabric furniture, you should pay attention to dust and dust removal work, because it is more likely to be moldy when there is more dust in wet weather. Therefore, use a vacuum cleaner for the fabric sofa to keep the surface clean, and then use a clean and absorbent sofa cloth to remove the surface of the mold and excess water.

Different furniture materials have different moisture-proof maintenance methods. Hotel furniture chooses better-quality furniture to reduce the maintenance cost of furniture and provide customers with high-quality services more efficiently.