How to identify the environmental protection of hotel bedroom furniture

With the development of the domestic hotel bedroom furniture industry, the issue of furniture environmental protection has become more and more important. We have paid more and more attention to the environmental protection awareness of hotel bedroom furniture, and the requirements for various furniture environmental protection materials have become stronger and stronger. Hotel bedroom furniture is a close-fitting tool that hotel occupants must touch. The use of environmentally friendly hotel engineering furniture is also very important. How to choose environmentally friendly hotel bedroom furniture?

First, buy hotel bedroom furniture produced by large manufacturers, whether there is environmental testing certification. The large-scale hotel bedroom furniture manufacturers have relatively strong strength, the internal production supervision is stricter, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. It should be noted that many street workshops or three unfurnished manufacturers in order to pursue profits, shoddy and shoddy shoddy, not environmentally friendly, such hotel bedroom furniture can not be purchased.

Second, ask more questions and see the type of paint in the bedroom furniture of the hotel. Hotel bedroom furniture is not environmentally friendly, and most of it is caused by paint. At present, most of the hotel bedroom furniture in China is made of oil paint. The oil paint is simple in process and low in cost. It is very popular among furniture factories, but it is toxic and contains toxic volatile substances such as benzene or toluene and xylene. That is why The non-environmental hotel bedroom furniture tastes great and will feel dizzy when it smells too much.

Third, look at the quality inspection report of hotel bedroom furniture materials. Environmentally friendly hotel bedroom furniture usually does not have a material quality inspection report, and even if there are, environmental monitoring indicators for various materials will be higher. Environmental protection hotel bedroom furniture, all indicators are definitely lower than the national standards, can issue a quality inspection report by the authority, environmental protection is not environmental protection, the data at a glance.