How does the hotel bedroom furniture remove the paint smell?

(1) There will always be a bad smell of paint on the newly purchased hotel bedroom furniture. After immersing in vinegar with a rag, it can be wiped away immediately.

(2) The hotel room is decorated very well. There is a strong paint smell in the room. You can put a few buckets of cold water in the room, or cut the onion into pieces, put it in cold water, and put it in the room, the paint smell will disappear.

(3) Fill the container with cold water, then add the appropriate amount of vinegar to the ventilated room and open the furniture cabinet door. In this way, the amount of water can be evaporated to protect the top coating surface, and the residual odor can be absorbed.

(4) Buy some pineapples and put a few in each room. Large rooms can be placed more. Because pineapple is a crude fiber-like fruit, it can absorb the smell of paint and achieve the clear fragrance of pineapple, speed up the removal of odor, and achieve the best of both worlds.

(5) If you want to quickly remove the residual paint smell, soak the cotton ball with lemon juice and hang it indoors and on wooden furniture.

(6) The newly renovated hotel rooms often have the smell of various pungent chemical materials such as Tianna water, and a broken jackfruit (a tropical fruit shaped like durian, but not a durian!! It's bad!) Put it in the house, because the jackfruit is large (usually as big as watermelon), the flavor is very strong, and the odor can be absorbed in a few days.