Hotel software purchase skills

Hotel soft furniture mainly refers to furniture with spring devices or soft materials filled with foam for people to sit, lie down and lean. There are mainly sofas, Simmons mattresses, etc. Upholstered furniture is also a kind of furniture, which also includes casual fabrics, leather, imitation leather, leather sofas and soft beds. A type of soft furniture that is more detailed in modern soft furniture classification. The manufacturing process of soft furniture mainly relies on the manual process. The main process mainly includes nail inner frame, base cloth, sticky sponge, cutting, and car jacket until the final completion process. The selection techniques for soft furniture mainly include the following methods:

(1) When selecting soft furniture, it should be noted whether the hardness of the product is suitable. People may think that the softer the better, in fact, it is not too soft and too hard to eliminate people's fatigue. Since there is no strict standard for softness at present, it is felt by touch and touch when selecting. Generally, after pressing the human body, it is better to lower the surface of the furniture by about 10 cm, but this method seems to be unscientific because of the different weights of people.

(B) depends on the quality of its elasticity. Generally speaking, after the software furniture is seated by people, the surface should be able to basically restore its original shape, especially the furniture with spring structure. There should be no impact sound when sitting and lying, and it should feel elastic evenly. After that, the elasticity should still have a margin.