Hotel furniture customization process

In recent years, consumers' living standards have been continuously improved, and the pursuit of lifestyle tastes has become more and more refined. Therefore, the custom production of hotel furniture has occupied a considerable seat in the high-end furniture market. As the furniture industry that has just emerged in recent years, I believe most consumers are not very familiar with it.

The customer communicates with the manufacturer who provides the hotel furniture production service, expresses the intention of custom furniture, and then sends the designer to communicate, communicate and understand the owner's lifestyle and ideas.

The designer leads the buyer to visit the sample display, examine the custom furniture production process and process, and exchange the custom furniture configuration and furniture style requirements. Then based on the detailed record analysis left behind, first formulate a preliminary supporting plan concept.

The designer initially conducts on-site measurements to determine the size and floor space of the custom furniture and layout requirements, which involves the matching of various fixtures, curtains, carpets and other soft furnishings in the home;

Deliver custom furniture designs to buyers and communicate with buyers.

After the designer completes the formal design drawing, he will negotiate with the buyer again and make adjustments to the details to achieve the final buyer satisfaction.

The manufacturer starts to put the furniture into production, and keeps in communication with the owner at any time in order to determine the materials, colors, etc., and invites the owner to inspect after the custom furniture is completed;

If the owner has passed the inspection, the manufacturer can carry out the furniture fitting, packaging, delivery and installation. If there is any dissatisfaction, the manufacturer will modify it in time until the customer is satisfied, and then carry out the custom furniture fitting, packaging and delivery. And install services such as.