Hotel bedroom furniture style selection guide

Hotel type determines the style of hotel bedroom furniture

Hotel type: resort type, business type, villa type. Most of the foreign countries are theme hotels, comprehensive hotels and so on. The hotel design determines the spatial style of the main theme, and our furniture company locates the style of the active products according to its main style.

Business hotel

Most of the products are mainly commercial functions, and modern classic styles are mostly. Because they are mostly in the city center, the room size is small, and the furniture is mainly simple and modern. (Jane Europe)

Resort hotel

It is mainly for guests who are on vacation, and is built near the waterfront, hot springs and scenic spots. Therefore, the furniture should be considered wet, corrosion-resistant materials and furniture with more casual taste, such as Tengbian furniture, outdoor wrought iron furniture, emphasizing natural wind.

Tourist hotel

Mainly for tourists, so many hotels with unique themes attract tourists from all over the world. These hotels have a unified logo. The furniture configuration of these hotels is based on the design of the original hotel itself. Can not be too popular and popular, its artistic and local nature is stronger. Impress the visitors.