Hotel bedroom furniture e-commerce process

If the hotel bedroom furniture relies on the rapid development of e-commerce, the explosion of sales is a feature, the combination of online and offline is the trend.

The e-commerce process of hotel bedroom furniture is in its infancy. The market penetration rate of hotel bedroom furniture is 3%. The high complexity of the sales process of hotel engineering furniture and the resistance of offline dealers are the main resistance to the e-commerce of hotel bedroom furniture. With the exploration of the online sales service model of the hotel bedroom furniture enterprises, the rationalization of the interest mechanism of offline dealers and the birth of professional supporting service enterprises, the increase in proportion is still the trend of the times. The e-commerce business in the furniture industry is growing faster than traditional enterprises. Low-cost, high-cost-effective, and explosive sales are the characteristics of furniture e-commerce companies. The combination of online sales and offline experience is a trend.

The Internet sales channel shortens the building materials industry chain, and the industry value will highlight the channel value. The scattered and messy home improvement industry has not been valued by brand home companies. Solving information asymmetry and shortening the building materials industry chain is the value of Internet home channels.