Environmental and design of hotel bedroom furniture products

1. The online flow and conversion rate of the hotel bedroom furniture enterprise determines the right to speak the integration of the decoration company and the decoration team.

2. The hotel's bedroom furniture networked supply chain determines profitability.

3. E-commerce remote management will win or lose.

4. Focusing on the market segment of hotel engineering furniture, do a good job of standardization, and accumulate reputation, is the way to break through the business model.

With the acceleration of the integration of the hotel bedroom furniture industry and the emergence of industry giants, the value of cooperation between brand engineering furniture companies and Internet decoration companies will be highlighted.

Other civilian brand furniture, sitting on channel barriers, also need to embrace the Internet. Branded civilian furniture enterprises rely on long-term cooperation with brand stores to occupy a favorable position in the store and enjoy certain channel barriers. Although the emerging business models of home e-commerce and Internet home improvement are still mature, they are also new channels of potential and require furniture enterprises. Adapt to channel changes and actively embrace.

The hotel bedroom furniture manufacturer with strong channel and more personalized design is trying to create a new hotel interior space experience by launching OBO and OAO, and adopting the environmental protection and design of hotel bedroom furniture products to cater for new youthfulness. The needs of hotel investors.