Domestic hotel bedroom furniture industry low-end production capacity can not be improved

China's manufacturing industry mainly uses low prices, inferior quality, shoddy, imitation cards, counterfeiting, etc., vicious competition.

Why is China’s manufacturing industry unable to improve? Why has the country advocated transformation and upgrading again and again, and has not achieved qualitative changes?

The domestic low-end of the hotel bedroom furniture industry products has not been realized.

The reason is mainly because the actual demand of the market determines the true positioning of the enterprise.

So far, the overall consumption level of Chinese nationals is far from the developed countries, and high-quality products are extravagant to most Chinese. Ordinary people, every month's salary, after the basic living expenses such as food, clothing, housing and transportation are removed, there is basically no extra money left to enjoy a good level of consumption. Overall, the proportion of China's middle class is too small to have a consumer market for high-quality products. Enterprises make high-quality products, customers look at it, but often have no money to buy, customers are willing to buy low-priced products.

Second, the market positioning of the company is based on solving the problem of the company's own survival.

There are many domestic hotel furniture manufacturers in China, and the competition is fierce. The average life expectancy of Chinese hotel furniture companies is very short, and the life and death of enterprises often lie between several years.

At present, the high domestic factory expenses, labor costs, and the serious bubble of real estate have severely occupied the living space of enterprises and reduced the meager profits of hotel furniture manufacturing enterprises.