Custom hotel furniture is much less dependent on brand effects

Although custom hotel furniture also pays attention to brand effect, compared with traditional finished hotel furniture, custom hotel furniture relies less on brand effect, but pays more attention to the quality of hotel furniture. Traditional hotel furniture is sold in modern society, and more depends on various advertisements to enhance the brand effect, which increases the operating costs of the manufacturers to some extent.

The promotion of customized hotel furniture also helps manufacturers to accelerate the development of products, and to create the most suitable hotel furniture for customers according to the actual needs of consumers, so that they can directly absorb the most popular fashion design elements, consumers will never I feel outdated.

 The shortcoming of custom hotel furniture is that it can't buy the spot, it needs a certain production cycle (usually more than 45 days), it must be customized in advance. If it is customized for the whole hotel furniture, it will take a long time to get the goods. And it's not that the creativity of the sky and the sky is feasible (not infeasible, or the cost is much higher), but also depends on the actual economic affordability of the consumer. Some super-standard materials are used in terms of production difficulty or In terms of transportation, it will increase the price intuitively. Consumers need to spend a lot of time and energy to track, communicate, and the price is definitely relatively high.