Custom hotel furniture can be tailored to customer requirements and unit type

Customized hotel furniture can be tailored according to customer requirements and the specific conditions of the apartment, so that the style is unified, the space is maximized, the consumer's personality is displayed to a great extent, and the overall customization is cost-effective, and there is no need to rush the hotel furniture. Can be purchased in one stop, so that consumers can save time and effort. Custom hotel furniture can meet the various personal needs of different consumers for hotel furniture. In the past, people's thoughts have not been liberated, and most of the housing units are square, and modern consumer ideas have changed a lot, and the number of houses is increasing. Traditional hotel furniture is difficult. Hotel furniture can be customized in any competent place.

Customized hotel furniture mostly uses panels, and its own substrate generally reaches E1 or E2. After veneer processing, it can reach the E1 indoor indoor standard normally. The high level of surrounding edge can reach or close to the E0 standard. In terms of price, artificial boards have a high usage rate of logs, so the price is cheaper than natural wood.

Customized hotel furniture helps merchants reduce inventory backlog, as long as the customer orders the order, there is no need to store the warehouse after the production, or just store the hotel furniture to the ordering customer's home for a short period of time, while the traditional finished hotel furniture needs It takes up a lot of warehouse storage space, causing certain inventory pressure and capital squeeze for the merchant.