Appreciation of bedroom furniture style in new Chinese style hotel

First, the new Chinese style features

Some people think that Chinese furniture is not easy to use, especially in the seat, some of the lines of the Ming style seat are too horizontal and vertical, and the curve of the waist and back of the human body is difficult to fit. The Qing style seat has a complicated carving on the back, which makes people feel very uncomfortable. However, the new Chinese furniture combines the cultural charm of Chinese furniture and satisfies our comfortable pursuit of modern biochemical design.

New Chinese furniture style

Such as sofa armrests, backrests, backrests of chairs, seat panels, etc., incorporating scientific ergonomic design, with strict structure and lines, the cushion of the sofa cushion part is soft, the backrest is hard, and the special waist Pillow, fit the human body curve, more humanized design. The new Chinese-style series of Qumei Home, such as China and China, is a good interpretation of the new Chinese concept and spirit. In the design and exploration of new Chinese furniture, more innovations and trial and error should be allowed, and the furniture style suitable for Chinese people should be gradually found.

Second, the harmony of the new Chinese style

If Chinese furniture is a mountain, it reflects a kind of condescending domineering; then the new Chinese style is the sea, reflecting the inclusiveness of a sea of rivers and the harmony of the fusion. The “harmony” of new Chinese furniture is reflected in its expression of lifestyle and the mastery of the owner’s emotions. Young people admire fashion, middle-aged people prefer the atmosphere, and the elderly pursue classical.

In the family of three generations of the same family, what kind of furniture can take into account everyone's feelings? Only new Chinese! The new Chinese-style furniture simplifies the complex design of traditional furniture and incorporates modern elements to make the furniture lines more round and smooth. The new Chinese-style furniture has become the common choice of the three generations of family members with the cultural charm, the material of the mix and the humanized function and design.