Analysis of the characteristics of post-modern hotel bedroom furniture

The post-modern style hotel bedroom has a heavy function, a succinct form and an anti-decorative tendency, while the scorn function, the heavy decoration and the "traditional symbols" and the morphological composition of the game mentality, almost grotesque.

In short: post-modern hotel bedroom furniture refers to a strange form, color arrogance; technology exposed hotel engineering furniture

Post-modern hotel bedroom furniture and furniture, based on popular art, is the result of the combination of new technology and old style, and is the result of human beings entering the era of self-control microelectronics technology - "post-industrial society". However, it is worth emphasizing that today's post-modern hotel bedroom furniture design style is derived from modern furniture design. So it is natural for them to combine today's technology with social reality. However, their responsibilities and obligations are sufficient to distinguish them from retro-style and traditionalist furniture designers. This also creates a dividing line between antique furniture, traditional furniture and post-modern furniture.

Absorb and enhance the European classicism style, and understand the needs of the new nobles who are eager for freedom and advocating individuality. After gestating, blending, interpreting and innovating, the European aristocratic luxury and post-modern simplicity are perfectly integrated, bringing a refreshing and long-lasting charm. High-grade home experience.

Strengthen the ambiguity and playfulness of design methods. Postmodernist designers use the methods of division and analysis to break and decompose the existing forms, intention patterns and patterns, leading to a certain degree of ambiguity and polysemy, and rebelling the indifferent and rational features of modernist design into one. The tactics used in the design details to emphasize irrational factors to achieve a design that is easy and tolerant.